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Want to learn about methods to reduce energy use and energy related costs in dairy processing facilities? Using this guidebook, dairy processing facility managers will learn how to manage energy in their facility and uncover opportunities to significantly reduce facility energy consumption. Click here!

Want to learn more about how to measure sustainable plant operations including: energy and greenhouse gas intensity, water use, resource recovery (waste management), employee investment and community contributions? This Processor Handbook is a supplementary resource to the Stewardship and Sustainability Framework for U.S. Dairy (Framework) developed to support dairy cooperatives, processors, manufacturers and milk marketing organizations that choose to voluntarily track and communicate progress. Click here!

Want to learn the basics on how to start a small dairy processing plant? This resource provides a basis for meeting the regulations that apply to dairy processing plants. Due to variancies in policy it is still important to work with your local inspector or other dairy program personnel as you put together your plans for your dairy plant so that you can be confident that you’ve completed all the necessary steps. Click here!

Interested in current scientific and technological research as pertaining to milk products?  This collection of seven papers cover a range of topics including; UHT milk, proteolytic digestion, membrane technologies, the beneficial uses of proteolytic enzymes, the use of membrane technology in cheese making, the role of ingredients and apricot fiber in yogurt product quality. All in all, the papers demonstrate the breadth of ongoing research for an industry based on just one raw material, milk. Click here!

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